Luncheon and Dinner

Menu Bangsawan

Menu Pelita

Herbal Puree Tomato RiceBasmati Briyani Rice
Lamb Nawabi KormaNaurattan Quarma
Fried Chicken dipped in corn flour batterMutton Pepper (w) glazed green peas
Brinjal sweet and sour with glazed potatoes and curry leavesShrimp Smbal / Calamari Masala
Tossed SaladAssorted Vegetables ( a choice of Indian or Chinese preparation )
Egg Sambal with pounded peanut toppingCucumber Salad in thickened yoghurt
Fresh Tropical FruitsHoney Dew with jello
Marachino CordialLemon Barley

Menu Perwira

Menu Batik Senja

Pandan Flavoured ‘Calrose’ White RiceRoasted Chicken ‘ala chateau’
Chicken Curry with potato and curry leavesGrilled Mutton Chops with mint sauce
Mutton Karra MasalaPrawn Fritters (w) dips
Sweet and Sour Fish with garnishing (julienne cut)Fish cutlet ‘au gratin’
Shrimp Jal FrezyFresh Salad Bar (w) dips and dressings
Loh Hon ChyeColeslaw
Pajeri NanasFrench loaf (w) garlic butter spread
Hainan Fried Rice
Bread Pudding****
****Bubur cha-cha
Lime Squash with sprite****
Tropical Fruit Punch
Services & Transportation charges are applicable.