Malaysian Mix and Match Combination

Menu Rose

Menu Jasmine

Tossed Salad ‘w’ vinaigrette dressingLettuce and Potato Apple Salad
Roasted Chicken in plum sauce
Chicken RendangMutton Pepper ‘w’ green peas
Lamb ‘w’ boiled potatoes ‘w’ Sautéed ‘w’ spices and kitchupFish “Tenggiri” Sambal
Fish Cutlet “au gratin”Kangkong Belacan
Mixed Vegetable (Chinese style)Dry Chili Taufoo
Kerabu Minangkabau Nenas****
Action cooking
Action cooking
Nasi Goreng “kampungku”Hainan Fried Rice
Meehon Siam ‘w’ chili paste‘Penang’ Char Kway Teow
‘Keropok’ udang Seafood wafer
**** ****
Mixed Honey Dew fruits Mixed Fruits
Orange Squash ‘w’ cream soda (free flow) Mango Punch ‘w’ Lime cordial

Menu Hibiscus

Colonial Salad Bar ‘w’ condiments, accompaniments and dips
Fried Chicken ‘w’ batter flour and onion topping
Mutton Strips ‘w’ ginger and spring onion
Sotong Sambal ala keramat
Fish ‘Panfried’ Patties
Loh Hon Chye
Siew Pak Choy ‘w’ oyster sauce
Action cooking
Sprice Pandan ‘Calrose’ Rice
Mamak Mee (w) pounded peanut topping
‘keropok’ ikan
Bubur Cha Cha
Laici ‘w’ sprite fizzy
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