Wild Wood Western

Menu Robert Redford

Menu Clint Eastwood

Soup of the month & rollsMushroom soup & rolls
Fried Rice/Noodles Hainan Fried Rice
Chicken Chop with pepper sauce Fillet of Chicken in pepper sauce
Lamb chop/rack of Lamb with mint sauce Roasted rack of lamb
Sausages grilled with onion topping Grilled red snapper with lemon sauce
Seafood Fritters with chili/tomato sauce Cuttletfish cutlet
Potato Wedges Salad Bar
Garlic Bread Potatoes Sauteed
Coleslaw French toast
**** ****
Ice cream with fruit cocktail Caramel Custard
**** ****
Fruit Punch Mocktail
**** ****
Percolate coffee Brewed coffee
**** ****

Menu ‘The Duke’

Cream of Chicken & rolls
Steamed Herb Rice
Baked Chicken glazed with honey
Lamb Medallions
Shrimp Creole
Fish cutlet with tartar sauce
Chateau Potatoes
Apple, Carrot & Toasted salad
French Loaf
Stir-fried cauliflower with thousand island sauce
Seasonal fruit platter
Calamansi Juice
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